About the Club

We are a small club with the emphasis on being a helpful, friendly and co-operative bunch. The small Comittee is available to assist in most problems concerning the running of a Viva, whether standard or modified. If we are unable to help, we will endeavour to point you in the right direction. The Committee members can advise on sources of new spares but the club itself does not “Buy and sell” new spares. No committee member will be allowed to run a business connected with with the selling of new spares as this is regarded by all as abusing your position within a club to further your own personal gains.


Only two events are constantly on the Outlaw’s calendar, the annual VBOA Rally  and a R.W.Y.B drag racing event that was at Shakespeare County Raceway, though we are now looking for an alternative. They are gatherings, where Viva problems and the latest modifications, are at the top of the agenda for discussion. These events are informal and friendly, with no snobbery regarding the condition of anyone’s car. Full members have preference over Associated members, if it becomes necessary to choose cars for a stand at any particular show.

Viva GT Register

The World-wide Viva GT Register is also a part of the club. This locates and registers all known Viva GT’s, then lists them by chassis number. Information, practical advice and assistance concerned with Viva GT ownership is readily available. Many years of Viva GT ownership by members has produced this outstanding knowledge, both practical and literary.


We have a BI-Monthly Newsletter containing articles such as, Event Reports, Technical Tips, Garage Gossip, Parts for Sale and Wanted Items, and all done in a very friendly and amusing manner. Adverts for ‘Sales or Wants’ within the Newsletter are Free to all members, whether Full or Associate.

A Full Member receives their Newsletter via the postal system, while an Associate Member receives theirs via a specified E-Mail address. The reason behind the ‘Associate’ membership is to allow persons, who do not own a modified Viva, to have contact with such owners and other associate members. It also allows them access to the clubs second-hand spares contained in the Newsletter. All this without paying a fortune, and all thanks to the wonders of modern science!


Subscriptions of £10 are for one year’s FULL Membership (£15 for Overseas full membership to cover extra postal charges) and £5 for ‘Associate’ Membership of the Viva Outlaws Club, running from April to April. The fee is based on the cost of producing the Newsletter. The Club is a non-profit making organisation. No wages are, or will be taken by Committee members. The subscription fee will only be increased after a Committee decision. The probable reasons being, an increase in the production costs and postage concerning the Newsletter.

Once a member and if you own a modified car, we will send you a Technical Specification form. This is basically a record of modifications you have carried out to your Viva. This will be held on file so that it may be used to help others. Or you, if you forget exactly which car a certain part was stolen from. Some time in the future, we may put a member in contact with you for further information on carrying out that certain modification. We hope you would assist them to do the required modification.

Once a year there WILL BE an Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Viva Outlaws Club. This is held the evening before the VBOA Rally. Committee members are in postal contact with each other on a regular basis and if necessary will conduct a meeting via the postal system. This is a simple system, and very easy to introduce and work. This gets over the problem of Committee Members living hundreds of miles apart. Basically a sheet containing questions is passed around between the Committee, until everyone has put their own comments to each of them. Further questions can be added as it passes around. All AGMs and Committee Meetings will be written up and published for all members to read, including all decisions affecting the Club and its funds. Associate Members are allowed to attend the AGM and put forward any views or motion but are not allowed to vote on any decision affecting the club as a whole.

The heart of the club is the Newsletter, which is factual and useful rather than glossy. This takes time to print and send out so excessive amounts of un-modified cars will clog the system without actually giving the Newsletter any input. (Remembering, the Editor doesn’t take a wage!)

Should you wish to find out more or join the club, send us a mail here: viva outlaws mail address
For membership enquiries, you can email us here:viva outlaws membership enquiries

If the links to the email don’t work then the address is below.