Welcome to my site! Agence FLORESCA is the progressive house nesting cross-Channel bilingual WAVE projects. Explore and join me!

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Welcome to Agence FLORESCA!

The agency is a ‘progressive bilingual house’ built on the core idea of W.A.V.E (Written, Audio-Video, and Educational) projects. Each of them is about Cross-Channel exchanges of data, goods, and services, between wo-men of good will&soul living and working on both sides of the Channel.

We aim at explaining the benefits gained and the challenges faced when France and Great Britain are on the ‘same wavelength’ in terms of open-minded creativity, business, and communication.

The right combination of our differences is paramount to the success of this enterprise and we aim to generate enough positive energy in order to launch many unique local initiatives that will reverberate from the Channel to continental Europe and America, across the ever-changing seas of digital communication.

So, YOU are invited to join or create a WAVE project and build bridges over the Channel at a time when imaginary ‘walls’ and true paperwork have a tendency to be blown out of political proportion.

When you come to a fork in the road, take it.‘ Yogi Berra, US baseball player and philosopher.

Patrick Papougnot


About AF

Agence FLORESCA is born for a good reason: to share freely and without political correctness our vision of the world we would like to live in and see our children inherit.

It seems to us that a British progressive approach combined with an original French touch will open the gates of creativity in a bilingual result-driven process.

It is not what we know (or don’t!) about each other but what we do together that matters!

The best of both worlds is at hand and needs to be used and tested, and – why not? – institutionalized in order to open the mind and the horizons of both French and British creative citizens.

The exceptional quality of life is not limited to ‘good food (and wines!) in Dordogne’ or ‘fashion creativity in London’. It is located at the very heart of a unique Franco-British ‘savoir-faire’ here in Kent and in Les Hauts de France.

Together, we are the best: Concorde, the Channel tunnel, and a myriad of initiatives, projects, and productions are the evidence that, when we agree and put our minds in a collaborative mode, we achieve wonders.

Of course, many frustrations based on our differences are paving the way to success but under the inspirational leadership of great minds, we are capable of creating, launching and spreading among the creative world, information, goods, and services second to none.

Alors, what do we wait for? Contact me and use this platform in order to share first-class best ideas, comments, and practices on both sides of the English Channel.

Vive la difference!

In varietate concordia…



in 10 quintessentially European and non-technocratic suggestions!

We, the peoples of Europe, are looking for prosperity, stability, and honesty in the public affairs of our institutions.

We, the Europeans, believe in one God, ultimate principle of Love, Care, and Share. Our prayers are open, peaceful and positive.

We, the citizen of Europe, expect the protection of privacy and the delivery of public justice, in total fairness and with good common sense.

We, the nations of Europe, are aiming at respecting and sharing our uniqueness, differences as well as our common humanist values throughout our continent.

We, the European States, are in charge of the harmonisation of national and European policies, within the framework of a democratic, accountable and selfless Union of directly elected leaders.

We, the stewards of the European continent, aim at protecting the environment, developing the diversity of species, and promoting the knowledge of all creatures living in clean air, sea, and land.

We, the pioneers of the future, search endlessly for new scientific discoveries and apply new technologies in the varied ways we communicate, travel, live, work, and explore our world and beyond.

We, the heirs of multiple wars and mutual destructions, will do whatever it takes to secure peace and harmony on the European continent.

We, the sons and daughters of the ‘Free’ from spiritual, mental, intellectual and physical slavery, will promote and protect the use of freedom in all individual, collective and business endeavours, respecting the freedom of others.

We, by the grace of God, are blessed Europeans who work hard and well to make our children’s lives, longer, wealthier and healthier than before.



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E-mail: agencefloresca@gmail.com or patrickpapougnot@gmail.com